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Below are just some of the Abilities SCL have at their disposal 

Drawing Generation

Engineering Plans

Here at SCL we have skilled draughtsmen who can take your sketch on a napkin and create a technical drawing for you. 

5 Axis Laser Cutting


Five axis laser programming and production using our large gantry style CO2 laser. Over the years we have modified and made custom jigs to enable us to laser components no other company has had the ability to do in the country, SCL are proud to say we completed what others could not. 

Surface Grinding


Our in house tool room is equipped with a variety of surface grinders. We use these tools to resurface the cutting tooling in house, to keep customers long term running costs to a minimum.

Rotary Polishing


SCL has invested in machine polishing machines and skills that enable the lapping and polishing of any shape or material of component. 

Model Generation 

X Ray 3D Printer

Using the latest software SCL can convert your Drawing into a 3D model. This model can then be manipulated or unfolded to enable the manufacturing process to begin.

Mass Precision Pressings 

Metal Tubes

SCL specialise in high volume progression pressings with individual component volumes ranging from 50 to 3,000,000 off per annuum

Tool Design 

Engineering Tools

SCL began its life in the late 1960's as professional tool draughtsmen. Having this much experience passed on for the last 50 plus years we have the skills and knowledge to create any tool required to easily produce the final product. 

Metal Bending


Using our NC bending machine SCL can produce repetitive precise bends in sheet metal components. 



SCL have invested in producing custom Welding machines. 

One of these welders has been designed to produce a line of spot welds to secure rolled cylinders of coated steel.

Another has been manufactured to secure custom spot welded nuts into position.

Standard welding is also available on site at SCL 

De-Burring / Polishing


SCL has invested in a vibratory deburring machine and has been using it to de-burr over 50,000 components per shift enabling autonomy of the

de-burring operation.  This new machine also enables the components to be polished to a clean finish. We also have the ability to hand polish with an industrial polishing wheel machine. Most recently used to finish a sub contracted Product for a well known UK based beauty product manufacturer. 

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